Monday, July 9, 2018

A little catching up...

I haven't been the best at blogging regularly for awhile now. I am hoping to do better in the coming months. Until then, here's a quick little photo update from the last few months. 

While we were waiting for our house to finish being built, we checked on it every Sunday after church. This time the kids played king of the gravel pit! 
The girls and I went exploring in downtown Franklin one Sunday afternoon... only to find out that in small town in the south nearly every shop was closed. So we took pictures instead. 
A Trader Joe's impulse buy turned into a wonderful, and beautiful, horticulture experiment while we were living in temporary housing in Franklin, TN.
Exploring a new nature park on a cold and rainy day. The different mosses and lichen that were growing in the dampness of new rain was spectacular.
Salamander egg sack. SO COOL!!!!
Everyone together for a trip to our new science museum. 
Our newest family members, our adopted kitties... Aslan is on the left, and Apricot is on the right.
Sleepy kitties...
Some Mother's Day silliness... at least they bought me Paleo donuts from Five Daughters Bakery first.
More donuts... this time for National Donut Day.
The kids and I traveled to Virginia and spent a week with friends doing science experiments. They videoed nearly everything, but thanks to Hannah, I have this awesome photo of an experiment they did burning different salt compounds.
Fourth of July, downtown Franklin style.
We had the opportunity to go watch fireworks in downtown Nashville, from the 21st floor of the "Batman Building". I've never been that close to a fireworks display before, nor have I ever been eye-level. It was an incredible experience.
Some fun, new artwork. Come over and see it in person! :)
A view of the sunset from my bedroom window last night. There is so much beauty here.
A clean kitchen counter... a rare sighting around my house. But a beautiful one when it happens.

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