Friday, June 13, 2014

When the world stops spinning...

My schedule is pretty predictable. I like that. It is so predictable, in fact, that the local coffee shop on my way to take the kids to gymnastics and TaeKwonDo knows when my kids have class. Maybe that is too predictable. :)

We have settled into our extra-curricular activities, and even though we are slightly busier than I originally anticipated when we signed up for some recreational classes in the fall, everyone is excelling and we have managed to keep a fabulous balance with family time. We divide and conquer the dinner hour on Mondays, but every other night we are all together. (You may remember this being one of my biggest hesitations about getting started on the journey of athletics...) We have noticed a work ethic in some of our kids that has been distressingly missing previously, they are enjoying the more active schedule and it shows in their work in other areas. So far it has been a win-win.

Summer is up and running, and with it, our Christmas presents to the children are keeping us going. Instead of "stuff", we gifted the kids "experience" (a.k.a. day-camp of your choice). Next week the kids will go in three different directions based on interests and age. Excitement is bubbling over. I am wondering how much coffee (for me) and gas (for the suburban) will be needed to keep the whole program running. This is a first for us. It will either be the start of a new tradition (stuff-less Christmas gifts) or it will be chalked up to "been there, done that, here's a Lego set". I will keep you posted. I am nervously optimistic.

An update on me... I am always behind on laundry, usually don't know what dinner will be until something has already started cooking on the stove, my inbox overflows daily because I ignore it until I take potty breaks, and my computer probably thinks I am mad at it because I now use it more as a clipboard to write on than a computer. I am still writing the Preschool church lesson, albeit finished later each week than it ought to be... we are wrapping up a series on the Armor of God this week and I am hoping that the class doesn't end up getting out of hand when I pass out swords to all the boys. I am getting ready to prepare the school year for our crew, we are starting the first week of August and new schedules and assignment sheets need to be designed. In a nutshell, normal chaos.

I think I have finally stopped looking for the ever-illusive "normal" to return. God gives seasons of peaceful rest, and He gives seasons of bubbling activity, and both are a blessing. Sometimes I laugh at myself and wonder why it took me so long to figure that out. I joke sometimes that I look forward to the day the world stops spinning, but really, I am learning to put on my seat belt and enjoy the spin. I don't really know if this will be a season for blogging, but I will update when I can.